Updated: 9.21.03

M11 is arguably the nicest open cluster to view in a telescope. It is very dense for an open cluster and approaches the look of a loose globular cluster. It is locate in Scutum, very close to many other summer treasures, including M16, M17, M22, M8 and M20 to name a few! This image also represents a quick test (18 minute exposure) for first light on the new Takahashi Sky90. What a beautiful scope!

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Image info:

Takahashi Sky90 piggybacked on a 12" SCT and Losmandy Titan Mount

Starlight Express SXV-H9C one-shot ccd camera

9x2 mins with IDAS LPR filter


Stacked and processed in Astroart (ddp/unsharpmask)



Orlando, Fl