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I've been very fortunate and certainly extremely lucky to have had several of my images printed in various publications, including a book, magazines and brochures. Links describing each in more detail are highlighted below.

"The Backyard Astronomer's Guide" - Latest Edition (Nov. 2003)

"SkyNews" - Jan/Feb 2003 issue - a Canadian bi-monthly magazine edited by Terry Dickenson

Starlight Xpress 2002 Sales Brochure

Starlight Xpress 2003 Sales Brochure

UK Astrofest Sales Posters 2004 from Telescope House

"Astronomy Now" - January 2004 issue - a British astronomy magazine

Central Florida Astronomy Society's website banner - check out the website while you are there!

Starlight Xpress 2004 Sales Brochure

UK 2005 Astrofest Poster 1 from Telescope House for Starlight Xpress

UK 2005 Astrofest Poster 2 from Telescope House for Starlight Xpress

NEAF Posters 2005 from Starlight Xpress and Adirondack Video

NEAF Posters 2006 from Starlight Xpress and Adirondack Video

Starlight Xpress June 2005 ad - "Sky and Telescope" June 2005 issue - First new ad in years from Starlight Xpress (since repeated in later issues)

"Sterrengids 2006" , a German Annual publication by Mat Drummen and Jean Meeus. What a beautiful reference magazine and glossy layout! If only can read German better than my 2 years in HS provided.

"Sky and Telescope" April 2006 - Image of M8, the Lagoon Nebula

"Sky and Telescope" May 2006 - Image of M42, the Orion Nebula (full page)

NEAF Posters 2007 from Starlight Xpress

NEAF and NEAIC imaging conference

Sky Insight AstroPhoto Magazine Vol3-Issue2 (April 2007): Includes both the cover image (of the Rosette Nebula) and images used in the article by Craig Stark on "Line Filter Reconstruction on One-Shot Color Cameras" (pages 7 and 8)

Sky Insight AstroPhoto Magazine Vol3-Issue4 (Aug/Sept 2007): Includes description and photos of the MAIC (Midwest Astro-Imaging Conference held near Chicago). The event was coupled to the EPOCH2007 star party, which was quite an event for observers and imagers.