Updated: 9.4.06

The Veil Nebula is an expansive and expanding remnant of a supernova blast that occurred approximately 20,000 years ago. The brighter portions are known as the Eastern (ngc6992) and Western (ngc6990) segments. This image of the Eastern portion was taken during the Black Forest Star Party. The night started out clear, with a fabulous Milky Way in mag 6.5 skies. Unfortunately, after approximately 1 hour of imaging, clouds came in and the remaining frames occurred through sucker holes! , This was just a prelude to 3 days and nights of continuous cloud cover, rain, thunderstorms and tornado warnings. A total of only 92 minutes were taken, but the signal was very impressive due to the dark skies.

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Image info:

10" Homebuilt Newtonian

Starlight Express SXV-M25 one-shot ccd camera

23x4 mins

f/3 with Keller Corrector

Stacked (w/SD) and color conversion in Maxim and tweaks in PS (no flats))

guided with the Tak Sky90 and SX guide head


Black Forest Star Party