Updated: 8.16.07

The Crescent Nebula, designated as NGC6888, was formed from the ejection gases of a hot Wolf-Rayet star. It is located in the constellation of Cynus near the center of the cross and is in an area essentially surrounded by faint emission nebulae, hence the reddish background. This image was taken at the Pine Hill RV Park with the M25C and 12.5" Newt at f/3.

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Image info:

12.5" Homebuilt Newtonian

Starlight Express SXV-M25 one-shot ccd camera

18x10 (total of 180 mins)

f/3 with Keller Corrector

Color converted, stacked and flattened in Maxim and tweaked in PS

Guided with SX OAG and SX guide head


Pine Hill RV Park, Pa