NGC5128 (Cent A)

Updated: 4.25.04

NGC5128 is also known as Centaurus A. Even lower in position than NGC2997 (Antlia), this object peaks at about 17 deg from the Chiefland imaging site. If it weren't for the shear brightness (mag 7) and size (18' diameter), it would be an even toughter object from the southern states. Like NGC2997, this is worth a try this time of year! Some optical issues are evident in this shot - possible optics shift for low objects. This shot was taken during the Chiefland Spring Star Party.

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Image info:

12"LX200 on a Losmandy Titan Mount

Starlight Express

21x4 mins

f/5.3 (Optec FR)

Acquired and processed in Maxim (no darks and no flats)

guided with an STV on a piggybacked Sky90 refractor


Chiefland Spring Star Party