Updated: 4.25.04

NGC2997 is a large and beautiful galaxy in the southern constellation of Antlia. It is 8' x 7' in size and has a brightness of mag 11. However, due to low surface brightness and position in the sky (peaks at less than 30 deg), it is a difficult object to see and image from the states. Still a nice object worthy of a try this time of year! This shot was taken during the first night of the Chiefland Spring Star Party, where the seeing was not optimal (improved during the night and next 2 nights).

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Image info:

12"LX200 on a Losmandy Titan Mount

Starlight Express

36x4 mins

f/5.3 (Optec FR)

Acquired and processed in Maxim (no darks and no flats)

guided with an STV on a piggybacked Sky90 refractor


Chiefland Spring Star Party