Thor's Helmut

Updated: 2.14.04

Thor's Helmut is known officially as NGC2359 and is located in the constellation of Canis Major. It bears an uncanny resemblence to the norse helmuts, hence the name. This shot represents the full sized SXV frame as taken through the Sky90 at f/4.5 and shows the object located in a dense star field (part of the Milky Way). An IDAS filter was used, but like all of my other SXV images, no darks or flats were used.

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Image info:

Takahashi Sky90

Starlight Express

IDAS filter used

34x4 mins


Stacked and processed in Astroart - as with all past SXV images, no darks or flats taken

guided with the MX7C in the 12"SCT


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