Updated: 1.21.09

Monoceros is home to several nice objects that are favorites of imagers. These include the Rosette Nebula and the NGC2264, both very large emission nebula. NGC2264 hosts a nice star cluster known as the Christmas Tree Cluster, named for its shape. Nearby is the famous Cone Nebula and Fox Fur Nebula. It a fascinating region of the sky.

Please use the links to scan the larger versions of this image. This image is a 35 percent of full sized reduction and cropped on the sides.

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Image info:

10" Newtonian

Starlight Express

24x10 mins (total 240 minutes)

f/4.6 with Paracorr

Stacked (w/SD) in Maxim, processed in PS (darks and flats)

guided EX-guider in an SX OAG


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