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Images from NEAF 2010

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Here is a write up I posted on the Starlight Xpress board recently about NEAF.


Hi all,

While I have some free time today (at the hospital with my wife's surgery with wifi - she's fine btw!), I thought I would provide my perspective of the two day NEAF
event that I had the opportunity to attend this past weekend. I went up with 3 other fellow imagers from our Central Florida club. Traveling with friends
having the same interests always make it fun.

I spent the first few hours standing in line, acquiring my 2 day pass and perusing the various displays in sequence. The event is huge, the largest
assembly of astro-vendors in the US (at least I've been told). To go thoroughly through all of the booths will easily take up a solid 4 to 5 hours - more if you
tend to ask allot of questions.

I spent that first afternoon primarily at the SX booth, getting a chance to chat with Michael Hattey and catch up on news and the new toys! My, the offerings
have changed allot since I was last there (in 2007 for NEAIC and NEAF). I'll have some pics to post shortly, as I know you'll be interested! I spent most of
Sunday at the SX booth, helping out a bit (well, if you can call it that!). Gordon Haynes also joined us for much of the time - it was fun.

Caption - Michael and I at the SX booth

It was great to meet with a number of old acquaintances (from my old workplace, 2007 AIC and imaging circles), but also a few familiar names from this list's
history, including John Boyko, Gordon H, Jon Talbot, Rick Yandrick, Warren Keller and Charlie Warren. I hope I didn't leave out any names. Unfortunately,
I must have missed Kevin Dixon, but there's always next year!

Caption - Charlie at his Amateur Astronomy Magazine booth

Rick and Rich at the Deepsky Telescope booth mellowing out

Caption - Larry, Steve and Rick at the Deepsky booth admiring Rick's new 14.25" RC on Paramount

Finally, as to the equipment, there was a good showing of large scopes on large mounts from Planewave, Deepsky, A&M, AP, SV, Hyperion/Starizona, APM and WO up
to 20" for various RC's and the like. The biggest scope was the 36" DOB from Orion - what a monster! To think that they are now offering up to a 50" version
is unthinkable! The mirror was a lightweight sandwich type, with the clamps applied to the lower plate. This might be the way to go if I start building a
fast 16" Newt.

Caption - Planewave 17.5" on the new Planewave EQ mount

Caption - John at the ADM booth looking at the TOA150

Caption - The AP booth with new fast astrograph (f/3.75?) and mak-cass, both 10"

Caption - Starizona's new Hyperion 12.5" scope

For cameras, all of the major vendors were there, but SX was one of the few that brought their entire line to the show. From SX, the new USB powered filter
wheel was a big hit, as was the SX18 (with 8300 chip). The other cameras in the line also garnered quite a bit of interest as well. It seems amazing that most
of the line can now fit into the same small familiarly round package, about 1/2 to 2/3rds the length of my original H9C or MX7C cameras! I was also happy to
see the new large AO prototype and large OAG for the big guns (H35 and H36). The fact that the AO is compatible with any other camera brand should make this
a popular item (with the appropriate adapters of course). Yes, Terry and Michael have indeed been busy this past year!

Caption: New SX filter wheel with OAG and H18 behind with large AO to the right

Caption - a nice assortment of new regulated SX cameras

Caption - From left to right, H16, ex guider, H9, H36, M25C, and M26C - all are the new regulated fan cooled cameras in a short cylindrical body style

Well, enough rambling. I'll post some pics of the sights from the show shortly and if I can get back up there next year, maybe I can hook up with more of you!
Hopefully, Michael and Gordon made it back safely with the easing of the flight restrictions.

Take care,