Updated: 5.27.07

Images from NEAF and NEAIC:

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Starlight booth with your truly sandwiched by Terry (on the left) and Michael. Had a great time meeting and talking with people interested in the cameras and imaging in general.

A very nice assortment of cameras, including the latest prototypes of the H35, H36, SX video and standalone guide cameras. SX has been busy!


Some of you may recognize Charlie Warren here at his Amateur Astronomy Magazine booth. I did my best helping Charlie out in the sales department as well, when he needed a break! His booth was next to SX's booth, which made it double the fun.

Here's an impressive piece of hardware from Meade and someone in front to give it perspective.

A gorgeous A&M 16" RC

Here's Charlie standing next to the Planewave 20" CDK20 (corrected Dall-Kirkam) mounted on a 10micron mount. Another toy I can't afford!

Here's Terry helping some prospective customers (actually, some of you may recognize vereran imager Rick Yandrick here with his son).

The AIC was also a blast. Where else can you be surrounded only by people interested in imaging! Met allot of wonderful people during those 2 days (4 days including Neaf). Michael Hattey had an SX booth just outside the main Conference Center (the brand new Ellipse CC) with a number of other equipment vendors. On the right is a list of Friday's events with Warren and I on the schedule.