Updated: 9.1.03

Here's another version of M8, taken with a longer 1 hour exposure. This image was taken with the 80 mm AT1010 Stellarvue refractor, Meade f/6.3 FR and an IDAS filter. No darks or flats were used for processing. Compared to the 16 minute shot, this particular image is both deeper and smoother. Image was taken at Harmony, FL!

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Image info:

80mm Stellarvue AT1010 piggybacked on a 12" SCT and Losmandy Titan Mount

Starlight Express SXV-H9C one-shot ccd camera

16x4 mins with IDAS LPR filter


Stacked and processed in Astroart (ddp/unsharpmask)

guided with a Mintron 12V1 in the 12" SCT


Harmony, Fl