Updated: 8.23.09

M81 is a large and beautiful spiral galaxy in the constellation of Ursa Major. Some of the tubulence seen in the arms are a result of the interaction with its nearest neighbors, most notably M82. M81 is also sometimes referred to as Bode's Nebula, for the discoverer.This shot was taken from Chiefland's Astro Village with the 12.5" Newt at f/4.6!

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Click here for 65% mid size: 2100 wide

Click here for full size: approx 2900 wide

Image info:

12.5" Homebuilt Newtonian at prime

Starlight Express SXV-M25 one-shot ccd camera

23x8 minutes (184 total)

f/4.6 with Paracorr Corrector

Color converted, stacked and flattened in Maxim and tweaked in PS

Guided with SX OAG and SX guide head


Chiefland, FL