Updated: 6.29.02

Here is yet another version of M81 imaged with the MX7C on the 12"LX200. The 80mm AT1010 Stellarvue refractor, piggybacked on the 12"LX200, used the 0.0001 Mintron 12V1 video camera as a guide camera to track the stars. This allowed the MX7C to image in 'hi-res progressive' with 100% of its sensitivity. This image was taken at the club dark site during Astrofest 2002 hosted by CFAS.

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Image info:

12"LX200 with a Milburn Wedge

Starlight Express

12x5 mins


Stacked and processed in Astroart

guided with a Mintron 12V1 on the 80mm


CFAS star party