Updated: 4.10.08

M78 is part of a large complex of gas and dust, located in the constellation of Orion. It is typically known as a reflection nebula, illuminated by hot young stars, but some ionization also occurs in the region, generating a reddish h-alpha emission. This image was taken at the Ocala National Forest, just north of Orlando with the M25C and 10" Newt at f/3.

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Image info:

10" Homebuilt Newtonian

Starlight Express SXV-M25 one-shot ccd camera

16x8 (total of 128 mins)

f/3 with Keller Corrector

Color converted, stacked and flattened in Maxim and tweaked in PS

Guided with SX OAG and SX guide head


Ocala National Park, FL