Updated: 2.11.10

M42 is otherwise known as the famous Great Orion Nebula. This shot includes the adjacent M43 and Running Man nebula. It was my first attempt at a marriage between an H36 H-alpha image and an M25C one-shot RGB image. The Ha image was taken from my backyard in the mag 3 skies of Orlando and the RGB was shot from Chiefland's Astro Village with the 10" Newt at f/3!

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Click here for 65% mid size: 2400 wide

Click here for full size: approx 3500 wide

Image info:

10" Homebuilt Newtonian for both

Starlight Express SXV-H36 monochrome and SXV-M25 one-shot ccd camera

Ha: 39x10 minutes (390 total) at f/4.6 Paracorr

RGB: 34x4 minutes + 11x1 minutes (core) (135 total) at f/3 Keller Corrector

Stacked and flattened in Maxim and processed/combined in PS

Guided with SX OAG and SX guide head

3.8.08 and 11.18.09

Chiefland and Orlando, FL