Updated: 6.29.02

Here's another version of the Great Orion Nebula taken with a Stellarvue AT1010 80mm refractor at the club's dark site. Comparing to the previous 1.10.02 version, there is significantly greater faint detail in the nebula's outskirts as a result of the darker skies and added integration time.

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A Mintron 12V1 low lux camera was used as a guide ccd on the 12"LX200. This allows guide stars down to 11th or 12th mag to be used (quite an achievement)! An f/6.3 FR and the IDAS LPR filter were employed for this images. This version was actually imaged by my son Michael (with my assistance).

Image info:

80mm AT1010

Mounted on the 12"LX200 with a Milburn Wedge

Starlight Express

30x2 mins


Stacked and processed in Astroart

guided with a Mintron 12V1 in the 12"