Updated: 8.14.02

This is an image of M17 taken with an 80mm Stellarvue AT1010 refractor piggybacked on the 12"LX200. In contrast to the M8 image (96 minutes), this only required 30 minutes from the CFAS club's dark site to bring out the faint nebulosity. M17, like M8, resides in the constellation of Sagittarius.

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Image info:

80mm Stellarvue AT1010 refractor w/IDAS LPR, piggybacked on a 12"LX200 with a Milburn Wedge

Starlight Express

15x2 mins

f/4.9 (Refractor with f/6.3 FR)

Stacked and processed in Astroart

guided with a Mintron 12V1 on the 12"LX200


CFAS dark site