Updated: 7.4.04

The Eagle Nebula, M16, is also sometimes noted as the Claw Nebula. It was made famous by the beautiful Hubble image and coined with the phrase "The Pillars of Creation", due to the star birth regions associated with the pillars. The sides were cropped on this shot, but the image was not reduced. Despite the formidable amount of exposure time, most of the frames were affected by high clouds from t-storm tops, which reduced the transparency of the night and the image signal significantly. No filters, flats or darks were used.

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Image info:

12"LX200 on a Losmandy Titan Mount

Starlight Express

46x4 mins

f/6.7 with an f/3.3 FR and no spacers

Stacked and processed in Maxim (no darks and no flats), reduced to 80%

guided with an STV on a piggybacked Sky90 refractor