Updated: 6.15.06

The field around M106 boasts a number of smaller, but very nice galaxies in their own right, including ngc4217, the nice edge-on at the bottom left and ngc4220, the Saturn clone at the bottom right. Another bright edge-on, ngc4248 lies just below M106. A close scan of the full sized image reveals many fainter galaxies dotting the background. This was my first attempt at imaging with the Starlight Xpress guidehead and Maxim DL (acquisition as well).

Please use the links to scan the larger versions of this image. This image is only 33 percent of full sized.

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Click here for mid size: 2000x1340 pixels

Click here for full size: 2975x1993 pixels

Image info:

10" Homebuilt Newtonian

Starlight Express SXV-M25 one-shot ccd camera

29x4 mins

f/3 with Keller Corrector

Stacked (w/SD) and color conversion in Maxim and tweaks in PS (flats used)

guided with the Tak Sky90 and SX guide head


Allentown, PA