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Information section:

This page contains some info I've gathered and several neat links to other sites. I have separated them into various categories with descriptions for each.

About me

Publications incorporating my images (click the link!)

Astro Links:

CCD imaging and processing of some of the well known names in the hobby!

Camera equipment and imaging:

  • Starlight Xpress Cameras: http://www.starlight-xpress.co.uk/

    This is the official web site for Starlight Express. The models I have used include the MX7C, SXV-H9C, SXV-M25C and SXVF-H36. The guide head with the MX5 chip has also been used in an OAG and external guidescope.

  • Yahoo Group site for Starlight Xpress users: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/starlightxpress/

    This is a group with over 2100 members who use or have questions regarding Starlight Xpress cameras. Users having various levels of expertise are encouraged to share images and experiences in an effort to further improve their techniques.

Image processing software:

Astroart: http://www.msb-astroart.com/

Maxim: http://www.cyanogen.com/

Club Links:

http://www.cfas.org This is the site for the Central Florida Astronomical Society that I've belonged to since Feb, 2001. The society consists of a great bunch of people and there's also a star party scheduled for mid-March (check the link for dates and information). If you are in the area or passing through, please stop by, especially at the observing site!

http://www.chiefland.org I also belong to the Chiefland Astronomy group and have attended the monthly viewings and star parties. This is one of the nicest locations to get together, complete with showers, pavilion, power (including 30A camper outlets) and good friends! Most of my later images were taken here, as the skies are uniformly good with many clear nights during the winter season.

Old Links:

Imaging and processing with the MX7C

Olympus digital camera and imaging:

http://members.tripod.com/~ghonis/index.html Gary's site is an excellent reference for Olympus digicam use for astrophotography. He has been using a C2020Z on a 20" Starmaster driven scope with remarkable results on extended deep sky objects. The many undocumented tricks for special camera commands are highlighted in detail.

http://www.nwgis.com/greg/ Greg's site is also an excellent reference on the use of the C2020Z camera. It was Greg's site that allowed me to get started in astrophotography, first with the moon and then with the planets. His description of the adapters required and subsequent modifications is invaluable to the beginning digital astrophotographer.