Updated: 6.29.02


JMI Modification for use with the Maxbright

To shorten the overall length of the focuser + AP adapter + AP Maxbright, I took out the original JMI 2" barrel shown here:

Since the AP SCT adapter was almost indentical in diameter and length (how lucky can one get?), I attempted to retrofit the AP adapter to the JMI NGF-S focuser. At a nearby machine shop, they took the AP SCT 2" adapter with the brass compression rings and put in a flat bevel almost identical in size. Precision isn't that important here, since the motor mechanism is adjustable. Here's how the focuser looks with the AP SCT adapter in place.

Here's the final shot with the Maxbright - no more barrel blemishes! 8^) It has the same amount of travel and looks like a natural fit. I'm happy with it.