Updated: 2.7.09

Here's another view of the famous Horsehead Nebula and surrounding region. Similar to the view taken recently with the Sky90 and SXV-H36 camera, this was taken using the 10" Newtonian at f/4.6 with the H36 camera and Ha filter.

Please use the links to scan the larger versions of this image. This image is an approximately 35 percent of full sized reduction and some cropping on the sides. The largest is nearly 12 megapixels in size.

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Click here for mid size: 2650x1839 pixels

Click here for full size: 4090x2838 pixels

Image info:

10" Homebuilt Newtonian

Starlight Express SXVF-H36

24x10 mins (total 240 minutes)


Stacked (w/SD) in Maxim, processed in PS (darks and flats)

guided EX-guider with OAG


My backyard in FL