Updated: 10.3.04

Nebulae represent a different challenge from galaxy imaging, due to their typically extended sizes. While most were imaged with the 12"LX200, several have utilized the 80mm AT1010 Stellarvue refractor's wider field.

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  M1 M8 (80 mm)
  M16 M17
  M20 M27
  M27 at f/10 M42/Running Man Mosaic
  M45 M57 at f/10
  M57 NGC2244 (Rosette)
  NGC2264 Cone Nebula
  Thor's Helmut - NGC2359 NGC2392 (Eskimo)
  IC5146 NGC6888
  NGC6992 Pickering's Triangular Wisp (80 mm)
  NGC6992 - Veil (80 mm) NGC7023
  NGC7293 (Helix Nebula) IC405 (Flaming Star)
  IC434 (Horsehead) B33 in H-alpha
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