Updated: 5.30.07

Images from CSSP 2007 (Cherry Springs Star Party). The first 2 nights had a number of sucker holes, fine for Dob viewing and larger binocs. The 3rd night was excellent from beginning to end and we spent the night imaging. The 4th night was a bit windy, but clear until midnight. We spent that time on some large Dobs and more binoc viewing. The Milky Way was spectacular and down to the horizon.

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A few of the participants! From left to right, John B, Art C, George N, Rick Y and me. We bummed some nice views off of George's 20" Dob and Art's 6" Dob during the weekend.

Note the coats - it was cold up there!!!

Here's a view of my 'new' 12.5" Newt, which saw official first light that weekend. It sits on a Losmandy Titan on an AP pier. A lot of weights required here!

Cool banner, eh? That was a souvenir from NEAF and the SX booth. Made for some good conversation and doubled as a great wind break!

Rick's setup is behind my Newt, consisting of a homemade portable pier handling a Paramount ME and a 16" prototype Newt from Dreamscopes.

The agenda for the CSSP Friday night presentations: